The guitarist from the band that played acoustic guitar at the cocktail hour........out-freakin-standing. It was spot-on with what I was hoping for (he’s so talented and just played beautiful music).
— Lynn Ramsey (bride)
The guitar music during the cocktail hour was excellent and the music that was played during dinner created the perfect atmosphere!
— Nick Sorden (groom)
Everything was great! The band was just as fun as we thought they’d be, and Matt did a perfect job during the ceremony. My only complaint is that I wished they could have played for longer :)
— Rachel (bride)
Matt, is an incredible talent and one of the best guitar players I’ve ever had in my studio, his attitude and humble demeanor is a very valuable asset and not something you find very often with such a fine musician, I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an absolute PRO!
— Kent Steel- recording artist/ studio engineer
... Oh and that national anthem is prob[ably] the best I’ve heard. I really dig the counter point. Big Fan.
— Joseph Edward, NY Musician
Matt Sickels is a guitarist with amazing technique, strong sense of time and a clear understanding of theory and its applications. With strengths in a number of different styles, Matt is a guitarist to watch for in the future.
— Corey Christiansen World-renown jazz guitarist and educator/ senior editor and guitar clinician for Mel Bay Publications
I was lucky enough to meet Matt recently and experience some of the most amazing guitar playing I’ve heard in my life. Matt is an incredible performer and an inspiration to listen to. His dedication to the instrument and his repertoire is nothing short of remarkable.
— Tom Quayle - World-renown fusion guitarist and teacher
Matt is among the rare hat trick players. Whether he’s blazing on dirt, thoughtful jazz improviser, or now his newly acquired solo guitar acumen with high level delivery of the essence of a tune on one instrument, it seems there’s nothing he can’t hurdle. Clearly a man on a mission with perpetual thirst for challenge.
— Ben Lacy, World-renown solo guitarist
Been really enjoying the videos you post. Otherworldly skillz! You are seriously versatile.
— Mark Lettieri - Musician of Grammy Award-winning group Snarky Puppy
I don’t want to tell you about Matt Sickels, I want to warn you about Matt Sickels! This man- boy wonder is a force to be rockoned with, a freak of nature. I say this in the highest respect. I’ve been around the world, I’ve seen and worked with some of the best guitarist’s out there, and just when I thought I’d seen them all, I saw Matt Sickels play. A guitarist of all styles. Take the speed of Vai, add the smoothness of Eric Johnson and throw in the trickery and you’ll maybe come close to defining Matt Sickels. I’m lucky to have him playing on my upcoming record, I’m more lucky to know him, and I’m most lucky to call him a friend. What’s more impressive than Matt’s huge guitar sound is Matt’s huge heart. A model human being. Matt loves guitar. Matt loves music. I love Matt. You will too.
— Joey Barnes- Nascent Republic recording artist/former drummer of Daughtry